Parish Council meetings are held in the Village Hall on the fourth Monday of each month except August and December and start at 7pm. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Hemingford Abbots is a small village and many of the roads are used by residents for on-street parking, especially in the centre of the village. Please can we request that you use the dedicated Village Hall car park when attending Parish Council meetings.

Agendas of the Parish Council meetings can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below. (For the Playing Fields Trustees meeting Agendas, please click here).


2022 August 12th Extraordinary Meeting Agenda (PDF)

2022 July 25th Agenda (PDF)

2022 June 27th Agenda (PDF)

2022 May 18th Agenda (PDF)

2022 April 25th Agenda (PDF)

2022 March 28th Agenda (PDF)

2022 February 28th Agenda (PDF)

2022 January 24th Agenda (PDF)

2022 January 17th Extra-ordinary Meeting Agenda (PDF)

2022 January 4th Extra-ordinary Meeting Agenda (PDF)


2021 November 22nd Agenda (PDF)

2021 October 25th Agenda (PDF)

2021 September 20th Agenda (PDF)

2021 July 26th Agenda (PDF)

2021 June 28th Agenda (PDF)

2021 May 26th Agenda (PDF)

2021 May 4th Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda (PDF)

2021 April 26th Agenda (PDF)

2021 March 22nd Agenda (PDF)

2021 February 22nd Agenda (PDF)

2021 January 25th Agenda (PDF)

2020 Agendas