Cambridgeshire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority and is responsible for managing:

  • surface water flooding – including rainfall that runs off surfaces such as roads, roofs and patios
  • groundwater flooding – including flooding caused by long and heavy rainfall that increases the groundwater table flooding from ordinary watercourses, such as drains and ditches, but excluding main rivers.

Flooding from rivers is dealt with by the Environment Agency.

Flooding from sewers is the responsibility of Anglian Water

A blocked or broken highway drain is dealt with by Highways England (motorway or major road) or Cambridgeshire Highways Authority (local road).

HDC are responsible for maintaining some watercourses and ensuring that owners of land next to watercourses keep them free from obstruction.

Get help during a flood – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

HDC have put together some practical information to help residents protect themselves from flooding. In the following link, you will find useful advice on how you can best prepare for flooding, as well as what to do during a flood and when recovering from a flood: Flooding – Huntingdonshire.gov.uk