Parish Council

The Parish Council sets a ‘Precept’ each year, which goes onto the Council Tax, to pay for various items within the village. This includes maintenance and replacement of items such as street lights, ‘village furniture’ and the village playing field play equipment. It is also used to fund local projects, for example the 20 mile per hour speed limit initiative.

A Parish Council is the lowest level of government, with more of an advisory role to the District Council rather than the ability to act alone. Thus the District Council is required to ask for, and take into account, our opinion, and to ask the opinion of neighbours, whenever a planning application is put in, but we do not have the final decision on whether or not it is accepted. To view planning applications please click on the following link and enter the postcode, road name in the search bar: Planning Applications

In order to carry out our role of putting forward the views and wishes of the Villagers we need you to keep us informed of what those wishes are, so do come along to meetings every fourth Monday at 19:30 in the Village Hall and talk to your Councillors about your concerns so that we can take them up.

The aim of this website is to provide residents and visitors with easy access to regularly updated information that:

  • helps them to enjoy the time that they spend here;
  • makes them aware of what is happening locally; and
  • encourages them to get involved.

This website is provided by Hemingford Abbots Parish Council and maintained in time that is given freely but is not unlimited. If you notice inaccuracies, want to add more information or are willing to contribute your time to improve the site, please contact us.