Report It

Report a Highways Problem – Cambridgeshire Roadworks & Faults

Pot holes in roads – report online:

Faulty and broken street lights – K&M Lighting Services – 01480 395806
Where possible please quote street light number on plaque on the street light and the location.

Report a Flooding issue

Abandoned cars – report online at: Abandoned Vehicles –

Fly tipping – 01480 388640 or report online at:

Illegal signs/graffitti – Call 01480 388640 or report online at: Graffiti –

Refuse & recycling helpline – 0800 3896613 Bins, Rubbish & Recycling –

St Ives & District Neighbourhood Policing Team – dial 101

Other issues:

In our district there are three main councils working together to provide your services. These councils are:

• Cambridgeshire County Council
• Huntingdonshire District Council
• Town and parish councils

Sometimes knowing who to contact can be difficult because each of the councils has responsibility for different things. This document has been produced by HDC as a quick guide so you will know who to contact for each of the main services provided: Who to contact for your issue (PDF)