Parish Council News

September 2022

Please click here to view the Council’s letter of condolence for Her Majesty’s passing, in PDF format.

Advice on protecting yourself from financial theft:

The article below from the BBC outlines how Gym goers in London have lost thousands of pounds.   However, anyone who keeps/ leaves their smartphone and bank cards together are at serious risk of also being a victim. e.g. You keep your bank/ credit cards in your smartphone case; You keep your bank cards and smartphone in your purse or handbag.

How is it done?

Phones can be made inaccessible with the use of passwords and face or fingerprint unlocking. And bank cards can be stopped. But the thief has a method which circumnavigates those basic safety protocols. Once they have the phone and the card, they download the relevant bank of credit card app on their own phone or computer and register the card on the relevant bank’s app. Since it is the first time that card will have been used on the new device, a one-off security passcode is demanded.

That verification passcode is sent by the bank to the stolen phone!! The code flashes up on the locked screen of the stolen phone, leaving the thief to tap it into their own device. Once accepted, they have control of the bank account and card. They can transfer money or buy goods, or change access to the account. They can view your PIN on the app and use the card independently in shops.

How to protect yourself?

The most important tip is to never leave your phone and card together, “and certainly never keep your card in your phone case”. If the thief does not have both, they are limited as to what they can do. Other than that, the best way to stop this particular thief and this particular method is to make sure they cannot read the verification code sent by the bank. This is done in your phone’s settings:

For iPhones: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Messages
  • Scroll to Notifications
  • Scroll to Show Previews where there are three choices: Always / When Unlocked / Never
  • Select either When Unlocked or Never. Your messages will no longer flash up when your phone is locked

For Android:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Lock Screen
  • Select Notifications
  • Select Don’t Show Notifications. Your messages will no longer flash up when your phone is locked

Please pass this info on to your friends and family.

August 2022

A new look at Hemingford Abbots Playing Field in the Jubilee year

Earlier this year the Parish Council improved the signage on the village Playing Field following advice from the annual safety inspection. Coral Walton of ‘Coral Designs’ was engaged to undertake the design and layout. There are new signs at the three entrances to the field. These signs give contact details for the Parish Clerk should any maintenance or safety matters need to be reported. And importantly, they remind the public that dogs are not allowed on the Playing Field for reasons of public health.

The Parish Council then commissioned an entirely different type of sign – a welcome and information board. It has been a fun project to be part of – and the Parish Council is very pleased with the result and hopes you will be too. Click on this PDF link to view the detail and design.

Coral met members of HAPC and ideas were bounced around. She opened our eyes to what we have in this village and often take for granted. She admired the ornamental village signs designed by David Peace, and took the shape of the Abbot’s mitre as the central motif for the new board. A simple idea, but it immediately personalised the board for Hemingford Abbots.

In discussion HAPC felt it important that an information board on the Playing Field should complement, not duplicate, the information board in the High Street opposite the Village Hall. That board was commissioned by the WI and designed and drawn by village resident David Hamilton. It was completed in the Golden Jubilee year of 2002.

The new information board is very attractive with Coral’s delightful drawings of various buildings and sites of interest around the field. Bridget Flanagan wrote the text which includes a brief history of the Playing Field and the Village Hall. There is a QR code that will link to the village website with lots more information and news. And of course, in 2022, there is the logo of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

So do go and have a look at the board and, as ever, the Parish Council would love to hear from you. Email:

Avian Influenza in the Wild Bird Population in Huntingdonshire

The Animal and Plant Health Agency of confirmed avian influenza in the wild bird population in Huntingdonshire.  This was first confirmed on 10th August and HDC have since sought advice and support from the Director of Public Health, UK Health Security Agency and the Animal & Plant Health Agency.  Unfortunately this means that the bird population in Huntingdonshire is now impacted by this disease. DEFRA have advised the Council that the disease can take 2-3 weeks to pass through a bird population.

The risk to public health is very low, however please follow the guidelines below:

 If you have found a dead bird:

  • If you find dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or other dead wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey on HDC or public land, you should report them to the Huntingdonshire District Council Customer Service team on 01480 388640 for safe removal and disposal. Do not touch the bird.

If you have found a sick or injured bird:

  • If you are concerned about sick or injured wildfowl in the Huntingdonshire area, you may contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. Do not touch the bird.

If you have found and touched a sick or dead bird:

  • Anyone who has been in contact with a sick or dead wild birds or their droppings, should practice good hygiene and follow NHS recommendations and thoroughly wash their hands in soap and water.

Call a GP or NHS 111 if you experience any symptoms of bird flu and have visited an area affected by bird flu in the past 10 days. Your symptoms can be checked over the phone. For further information/action are directed to or Customer Services 01480 388640 so they can be dealt with effectively.

PECT Heat Pump Ready Survey

A Heat Pump Ready programme is being delivered in Cambridgeshire by PECT, in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, Fenland District Council, Growth Guides and Lendology. The project is being led by City Science.

They are currently working on Stream 1, phase 1 of the programme and wanting to find out the feasibility of a high-density heat-pump installation in Cambridgeshire. This will feed directly into research allowing government to understand the most efficient way decarbonise homes and reach it’s commitment to Net Zero.

Heat Pumps, if you are not aware, are a low-carbon alternative heating system that would allow decarbonisation of homes. However, there are considerable barriers to heat pumps. Therefore, they are wanting to find out from the residents of Cambridgeshire how homes are currently being heated, and awareness of low-carbon heating options.

PECT are wanting to reach as many households as possible from all different backgrounds and economic status, and asking them to complete the following survey – How do you heat your home? (

July 2022

HDC are looking for volunteers to help out with it’s Countryside Service. Learn new skills, meet new people and help look after much loved parts of the local community. Click here for a PDF containing more info.

June 2022

Huntingdon District Council News:

Active for Health is a new 12-week activity programme to help residents become active and move more. The programme is available to:

  • adults (18 and over) can sign up for the Active for Health programme if you have a BMI of 25 or over, or 23.5 if you are from the BME community.
  • young people (11 to 15 years) who are concerned about their weight
  • families (with children 7 to 10 years) who are concerned about their weight.

The programme will include a range of activities to help residents to improve your fitness, socialise, learn new skills, and ultimately improve your overall wellbeing.

Located at either a leisure centre or in a public open space, the programme consists of 12 weeks of group activities including fitness classes, walking sports, team games, healthy eating, and wellbeing walks. Activities will be chosen by the group in consultation with the coach.

Once signed up for the 12-week course, each participant will receive a free 90-day offer to use the One Leisure facilities (subject to conditions found on the website).

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • adults (18 years and over) with a BMI of 25 or over, or 23.5 if you are from the BME community.
  • young people (11 to 15 years) who are concerned about their weight
  • families (with children 7 to 10 years) who are concerned about their weight


  • be inactive (undertake less than 30 minutes of exercise per week)
  • residents of Huntingdonshire district
  • customers will only be eligible for one Active for Health offer

Visit for full details and to sign up. If you have any questions, please contact or 01480 388111.

Thank you to Sue Henderson and Pam Bartlett

Hemingfords’ Sports Sessions – A range of sports on offer in a partnership between Active Lifestyles (One Leisure), Hemingford Abbots and Hemingford Grey Parish Councils. Sessions are from 2pm – 4pm at the Hemingford Pavilion on:

  • 25th July
  • 1st August
  • 8th August
  • 15th August
  • 22nd August

Please email the parish clerk to book a place –

May 2022

Environment Agency message on wild swimming – 6th May 2022 via the Council’s River Warden.

The Environment Agency welcomes the growing interest of people using the rivers and open waters for recreation, however, current regulations for rivers and open waters in England protect wildlife and are not designed for the protection of human health – with bacteria found in pollution from sewage and animal slurry posing the two biggest risks.

The UK saw the first river granted bathing water status at the end of 2020, though this does not mean the river is yet fit for swimming. To make rivers fit for bathing requires action from us all to reduce sources of potential pollution on a scale of magnitude higher than at coastal locations. 

We continue to work with stakeholders to ensure cleaner and healthier waters for people to enjoy and will not hesitate to hold those who harm our environment to account. 

Anyone can become unwell when swimming in open waters. Public Health England and the EA offer advice in their ‘swim healthy’ guidance.

Do you have a great idea for the Parish?  Is there something you’re concerned about?  Please get in touch with the Parish Clerk and let her know what you would like to be discussed at the Annual Parish meeting.

Cambridgeshire County Council – Platinum Jubilee update: There is still time to participate in the project when the new planting season starts in October, with now being the ideal time to start planning. The Woodland Trust is giving away free trees to schools, community groups, and Parish Councils who would like to carry out their own planting projects; you can find out more at: Applications are open now for delivery in November, but make sure you get your application in soon as the initiative usually experiences high levels of demand.

For more advice on planning a planting project, go to our dedicated webpage: The Queen’s Green Canopy Project – Cambridgeshire County Council. Once planted, do not forget to log your trees on the national map: Map – The Queen’s Green Canopy ( You can also peruse the map to see what others have done if you are looking for ideas.

As you’ll probably be aware, there is an extended bank holiday weekend from 2 – 5 June to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Many groups across the county are organising events in their local communities, but if you haven’t already planned anything we have plenty of advice on our website about things you may need to consider. You can find this at: How to get involved – Cambridgeshire County Council. If you are holding an event to mark the Jubilee, let us know using the link on this page and we will add it to our events map.

April 2022

Residents of Hemingford Abbots know that they live in a beautiful village. They also recognise the diligence and selfless management of its custodians, the Parish Council (PC), led by people who really care and who commit significant time and effort over many years to that cause.

Two of those leaders, Bridget Flanagan and John Peters, are stepping down after the May elections, having given more than twenty years’ service to the Parish Council.

Bridget and John have both chaired HAPC, as well as serving in a number of other capacities, which they have discharged enthusiastically, loyally and with complete dedication. A profound debt of gratitude is owed to them both, so we want to say ‘Thank You’ on behalf of parishioners past and present – even though we appreciate that these words will never be enough to adequately repay your contributions.

Marcus Whewell


PAYMENT – news from HDC (PDF)

March 2022
To support the new 20 mph speed limit in the village the Parish Council have a number of wheelie-bin stickers available free of charge.  If you would like one please email the Parish Clerk on
Closure of St Ives Viaduct, A1096, Harrison Way, St Ives over four weekends.
The closures will run from 20:30 on the Friday until 05:00 on Monday morning during the following weekends:
18th March 2022 – 21st March 2022
25th March 2022- 28th March 2022
1st April 2022 – 4th April 2022
8th April 2022 – 11th April 2022
The reason for the closures are that the bridge joints that were installed in 2017 have been found to have faults within the joints themselves and concrete and need to be repaired. This will mean access is needed to the entire stretch of the carriageway and so to minimise the affect on commuter traffic, work will be carried out 24hr works on rotating shifts at weekends. It is hoped one joint per weekend, hence the 4 dates.
For more information please contact Cambridgeshire County Council on :
Highway Maintenance
Cambridgeshire County Council
Tel: 0345 045 5212
February 2022
The Environment Agency Anglian Waterways Team is currently looking for volunteers to assist boaters at the locks at Houghton, St Ives, Godmanchester and Eaton Socon; please click on the following link for more information:
January 2022
The Queen’s Green Canopy – article from the Parish Magazine

In 1935 Hemingford Abbots celebrated the Silver Jubilee of King George V and marked the occasion by planting two Silver Birch trees either side of the Village Hall. Today, 86 years later, these trees are magnificent specimens in the centre of our village. Next year, 2022, is the Platinum Jubilee celebrating 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign; communities and individuals across the United Kingdom are invited to plant commemorative trees. The slogan is ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’.

So how can we in Hemingford Abbots join with the commemorative planting – and at the same time enhance our environment, and help mitigate the effects of climate change? The official website explains the various opportunities.

The Parish Council will explore whether there are any sites in public areas of the village where a tree or trees can be planted, and, in particular, will ask the County Council Highways if they will allow trees to be planted on verges. But individual parishioners can also play their part in 2022 by planting a tree, or trees, in their gardens; they could significantly help to increase the ‘green canopy’ of our village. Hemingford Abbots has one of the largest collections of trees around its settlement in Huntingdonshire. The view of the large cluster of trees in and around the village is a distinct feature on the approaches from Rideaway and New Road. Let’s look to the future – for by planting trees now, we ensure that there will be a succession of trees here for future generations.

The Parish Council would like to keep a tally of how many new trees are planted in the village in 2022. Please could you let me or the Clerk know – and let’s try for a grand total at the end of the year.  And if anyone has any suggestions for any single or group plantings on other areas of land, please be in touch. Bridget Flanagan.

Image is of John Perkins planting the Silver Birch to the west side of the Village Hall in May 1935

December 2021
Are you a regular walker in the village and/or have a passion for the trees in our conservation area? If so, the Parish Council would love to hear from you! The Parish Council are looking to find a Footpath and Tree Warden; please click on the links below for more information and contact the Parish Clerk via email at if you would be able to help:
November 2021

Anglian Water Support Poster (PDF)

During the Christmas and New Year period waste collection days will change; unfortunately there are four weeks of disruptions which start the week before Christmas. Residents can view their collection calendar via

The household recycling centres will close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  A booking system is now in place at all sites so if you are planning on visiting between Christmas and the New Year, book a slot today.  Visit for more information.

Christmas Tree Recycling HDC are supporting East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice again this year who will be collecting real Christmas trees for recycling on Saturday 15th January 2022. To check availability and book your slot visit Donations received from the Christmas tree collection provide vital funds for your hospice and other local charities. Real trees can be placed by the side of the garden bin on collection day.  If the tree is bigger than the bin we ask that it is chopped in half. The Household Recycling Centres will also take Christmas trees.

October 2021
Notice from the Environment Agency: Please be aware Houghton Lock will be closed to navigation between Monday 29 November and Friday 10 December 2021 as a result of contractors undertaking bridge repairs.

September 2021