Updates on the recent sewer issues on Rideaway

12th January:

As part of our follow up to recent sewer issues on Rideaway, Anglia Water responded to HAPC’s continued concerns as follows: 

Access to the sewer mapping

This is normally only made available externally on an ‘as needs basis’ (e.g. to developers), but if HAPC writes to Development Services via the Anglian Water website, hard copies could be made available. (Note: our Chair or Parish Clerk will undertake this in the next seven days).

Further Work

No further work is planned for Rideaway. Contrary to the verbal report of the engineer in December, Anglian Water considers that the pipe is OK and any debris identified by the camera within the sewer pipe was just an outcome of the fracture and the integrity has not been affected.

HAPC commented on our concerns about the potential condition of the sewers across rest of the parish, after previous incidents on Common Lane and Rideaway Drive. However, a full survey will NOT be undertaken due to cost and lack of resources. Rather, local searches will be completed as and when potential incidents or elevated concerns arise.

Rideaway Drive: as part of general discussions around Rideaway, several residents reported repeated issues with blockages. These should be reported to Anglian Water and as provided that these relate to shared pipes, they will be investigated by Anglia Water.

Please do contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to discuss this matter further, or you need assistance in reporting any related issues.

Summary of discussions with the Anglia Water on-site manager at 11.30am on 6th December:

  • The sink hole is approx.  5ft deep, 6ft across; sewer and gas pipes are visible in the void.
  • A separate sewage system exists for Royal Oak Lane: the flooding there yesterday was due to excess rainwater being pushed into the drainage system, so it should not pose a serious health warning.
  • Water and sewerage should not be affected for any residents.
  • Anglia Water are working to reduce the number of tankers by installing appropriate piping and storage.
  • Anglia Water are responsible for and have the authority to complete all repair work.
  • Repairs should be completed by Xmas.
  • We asked if Anglia Water can scan the remaining roads for any other voids (the Parish Council will submit this as a formal request).
  • Best source for updates from Anglia Water is as follows:


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns and we will try to help.

Marcus Whewell        Chair marcus.whewell@hemingford-abbots.org.uk

Maxine Blewett          Clerk parishclerk@hemingford-abbots.org.uk