20mph application for High Street and New Road submitted

Following on from the discussions at the Parish Council meeting in November, the Council have now submitted an application to Cambridgeshire County Council, as part of the Local Highways Initiative (LHI) programme. The application requests that Highways consider changing the remaining 30mph section of the High Street (from Chapmans to the S bends) to 20mph, and to also include a 20mph speed limit for New Road, which would run south from the junction with High Street to the entrance gate to the village.

The window for applications runs until 15th March 2024, at which point all 20mph LHIs submitted in the County will be considered for progression.

The Parish Council also raised with Highways the concerns local residents have for the junction of New Road with the High Street. We were advised that should the Council wish to submit an application for the junction specifically, it would need to be submitted via a separate LHI application.