A new look at Hemingford Abbots Playing Field in the Jubilee year

Earlier this year the Parish Council improved the signage on the village Playing Field following advice from the annual safety inspection. Coral Walton of ‘Coral Designs’ was engaged to undertake the design and layout.  There are new signs at the three entrances to the field. These signs give contact details for the Parish Clerk should any maintenance or safety matters need to be reported. And, importantly, they remind the public that dogs are not allowed on the Playing Field for reasons of public health.

The Parish Council then commissioned an entirely different type of sign – a welcome and information board. It has been a fun project to be part of – and the Parish Council is very pleased with the result and hopes you will be too.

Click on this PDF link to view the detail and design. The Parish Council News page has further information: News

So do go and have a look at the board and, as ever, the Parish Council would love to hear from you. Email: parishclerk@hemingford-abbots.org.uk