Unregistered/Abandoned Boats on the waterways

Message from The Navigation Advisory Committee of the Middle Level Commissioners:

The Commissioners promoted the Middle Level Act 2018 through Parliament, which give the Commissioners power to regulate use of the waterway and to register boats using the waterways on payment of charge by the vessel owner. The Act also gave the Commissioners powers to make Byelaws and the Navigation Byelaws were approved in 2020. Further information about Navigation System on the Middle Level can be found on our website, www.middlelevel.gov.uk.

The registration system has now been in force for 2 years and the Commissioners are now taking formal enforcement action against unregistered boats and also have powers to remove boats which have been abandoned on our waterways.

The Navigation Advisory Committee have asked that if any Parish Councillors are aware of any boats in their area that appear abandoned or to be moored unlawfully, if this information could be supplied to our Navigation Officer – Kevin Russell on 07725 134170, who will investigate and take the appropriate action.