PCC’s village mug and tea towel now available..

St Margaret’s Church Hemingford Abbots – Welcome Pack

Posted by Pearl Muspratt – PCC St Margaret’s Church

St Margaret’s Church has prepared a welcome pack; this takes the form of an information leaflet which, in addition to general information also gives times and forms of services. It comes with welcome gifts of a mug, and a tea towel.

The mugs and tea towels will also be on general sale.  The tea towel has a beautiful illustration of the village, designed by David Hamilton as seen on on the board by the bus stop in the middle of the village.  The mug shows the church on one side and the pub on the other.  They are £5 each, a bargain!  And they make a lovely present for friends, especially if they have visited the village, maybe been to the flower festival.  

If you know of anyone who has recently moved to the village, or if you wish to purchase a mug or tea towel, please email Pearl Muspratt at pearlmuspratt@hotmail.com